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Why sponsor the R-ETAIL:CODE 2018

The increased significance of software-based functionality has resulted in various challenges for the entire retail industry which is slowly transitioning towards being a software centric industry. As these new software driven technologies, products and services arise, new business opportunities are becoming important to all companies

The knowledgeable practitioners and thought leaders at the first R-ETAIL:Code event will give help you to develop your business case and build the foundation towards getting significant return on investment.  The two day program is designed to connect a wide range of stakeholders and provide informational as well as and educational experience for all.

This event will engage not just existing DevOps pros, but also managers and executives like CIOs, CTOs, CDOs and CISOs, Dev, IT and Ops managers, and architects.

A cutting edge program, keynotes, World Cafés, best practice case studies, benchmarking, One2Ones, two evening events, small group discussions and, of course, space & time for individual networking – R-ETAIL:Code offers the best in class opportunity to introduce yourself as a thought leader to the retail industry.

Be part of R-ETAIL:Code and take the opportunity to build relationships with the powerful audience of intelligence experts!

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