Welcome to the r-etail:Code 2018 Media Center

The r-etail:Code 2018 media center will give you access to presentations, our Challenge Your Peers and World Café documentation as well as photos of the event.

We are currently busy compiling all event materials and getting all the relevant approvals, which might take us a few more days.

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All presentations are subject to approval/authorisation of the speakers. All information including corporate illustrations, logos, texts, graphics and images are subject to copyright protection of the respective company. Any further use requires a preliminary written authorisation of the copyright holder. Any reproduction of documents and their transfer to third parties is only permitted with the written consent of the author.

retailCODE_D1_Pavan Pigdu_Walmart

retailCODE_D1_Floris Quant_Bugaboo

retailCODE_D1_Sam Hill_Marks and Spencer

retailCODE_D1_John Rakowski_AppDynamics

retailCODE_D1_Henning Jacobs_Zalando

retailCODE_D1_Miguel Espinoza_IKEA

retailCODE_D1_Yves Hwang_Circle K Europe

retailCODE_D2_Oliver Ruf_Coop

retailCODE_D2_Florian Stefan_eBay Classifieds Group

retailCODE_D2_Adam Beres Derek_AutoScout24

retailCODE_D2_BJ Biernatowski_Nordstrom

retailCODE_D1_Tilmann Bahls_test.io

retailCODE_D1_Jonathan Gill_Watchfinder and Co